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Songs in the Garden


   Non-ficiton works about Japanese gardens include Japanese Garden Design (an introduction to the culture of Japanese gardens), Sakuteiki (a translation of Japan’s oldest gardening treatise), The Japanese Tea Garden (the history, design and aesthetics of the Japanese tea garden),  and Songs in the Garden (the connections between poetry and gardens), and Japanese Garden Notes (a designer's idea flipbook). 


   Literary fiction on subjects related to gardens and nature include Of Arcs and Circles (essays on art, gardens, and nature), The Art of Setting Stones (essays for the philosophical gardener), Dear Cloud (an epistolary novel comprising short meditations on nature and human existence), and Moss (nine short stories that revel in the illusory space between culture and nature).


   Numerous articles on gardens and design, in both English and Japanese, in magazines such as Kyoto Journal, Gardens Illustrated, and Architectural Digest.


   All Books In Print (PDF)

The Japanese Tea Garden
The Art of Setting Stones
Songs in the Garden
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