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Hiden-in Temple

悲田院 露地

Kyoto, Japan


Hidenin is a sub-temple of Sennyû-ji, in the south-east corner of Kyoto. The garden acts as an entry path (roji) to an adjacent tearoom as well as a contemplation garden. Two special elements in the garden are the "middle gate" of the roji and the fence at the rear. The middle gate is made of rammed earth in the shape of two small folding screens, and the fence is constructed of thin slats of stained wood.

   The central area of the garden contains one large flat rock which, like the Shumisen rocks of medieval gardens, becomes the nucleus of the garden. The rock can also be used as a pedestal for large flower arrangements, in which case the garden becomes like the display alcove (toko-no-ma ) of a tearoom.

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