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Japanese Garden Notes

A Visual Guide to Elements and Design

2017, Stone Bridge Press


Japanese Garden Notes is renowned garden designer and author Marc Peter Keane’s personal journey through one hundred of Japan’s finest gardens. Some of the gardens shown here are famous and beloved in Japan; others are obscure or private gardens. All are gardens that Keane came to know intimately over repeated visits during his nearly twenty years living and designing gardens in Japan. As Keane walked through each of these gardens, camera in hand, his eye was caught by elements of the garden, anything from large-scale design issues of overall balance to minutiae that only the most practiced eye would notice such as the way bamboo nodes align in a fence. Each of these elements—over 130 in all—has become a theme in this book. To leaf through its pages is to wander through a hundred gardens with a personal guide and to experience their colors, forms and compositions through a designer’s eyes.

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Japanese Garden Notes

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