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Slipcase Edition

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Deluxe Edition

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2024, Mixolydian Editions and Nawakum Press

This volume contains two works written by Marc Peter Keane, A Bonsai-Shaped Mind and Postures of the Heart, both of which reflect on the ancient art of bonsai.

Bonsai trees, with their artful combination of wild nature and human creativity, invite contemplation. They evoke a sense of tranquility, offering viewers a glimpse into a demanding and intuitive process, a harmonious relationship between humanity and a small slice of the natural world. 

The first section of the edition, entitled A Bonsai-Shaped Mind, consists of a series of five short essays on the essentials of bonsai practice. The second section, entitled Postures of the Heart, is an intricately crafted short story in nine parts, following a single bonsai tree over a five-hundred year period.

Both sections feature the work of master wood engraver, Richard Wagener, who has created endgrain boxwood engravings of bonsai specimens at the Pacific Bonsai Museum in Washington State. The illustrations and text are printed on handmade papers, including Twinrocker and Japanese gampi, and are hand-bound into three different editions: Slipcase, Deluxe, and Engraver’s.

Questions regarding purchase and delivery, can be addressed to either of the following people:


       Richard Wagner (Mixolydian Editions)


            David Pascoe (Nawakum Press)

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Engraver's Edition

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